Modern recruitment is moving online. This site is designed to provide the most complete and cost effect process to recruit the best candidates saving all those who use it £000's.

Businesses from all industries, of all size and complexity will benefit from The Connection Club process. Companies can search using a multitude of criteria via our bespoke engine. Searches will reveal a level of detail about those seeking a career change significantly in excess that available elsewhere. Details completed uniformly and open to easy comparison.

The Connection Club also provides an independent management suite to help companies classify candidates, hold them in folders and allocate searches to them. All this is onsite therefore not requiring any IT interface.

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Unique Login

All companies have a unique registered user code and password(s), according to the agreed number of active users within the business and its divisions.


Set Search Criteria

A range of search criteria are available including but not restricted too, experience, seniority, industry, salary, preferred companies etc.


Request Details

If a potential employee is identified. simply request full contact details which will automatically include the clients CV. Once received the dialogue can begin and hopefully lead to a successful conclusion for both parties.




The businesses that are adding The Connection Club process to their recruitment programmes grows daily.

Do not miss this exciting new opportunity to find your ideal mid to senior executive.