Are you 45+ and Seeking a New Career?

The 45+ Challenge

Welcome to Connection Club

We understand that at 45+ many individuals still have so much to offer prospective employers, unfortunately whilst in the main society is becoming more tolerant (still some way to go), ageism is an issue today.


Getting older shouldn't mean you have to stop work, or that you have nothing to offer modern employers. Our employers value the skills and experience of over 45's, understanding that they add a key dynamic to their teams. At Connection Club we are helping to change perceptions in modern business, allowing businesses to benefit from skills and experience that their younger employees simply cannot bring to the table.


We are passionate about helping over 45's find fulfilling careers, whether it's a continuation of a lifelong career, or perhaps re-skilling and changing career to follow a lifelong dream, don't write yourself off too soon.

Dating Site for Jobs

Dating Site for Jobs

Rather like modern dating sites The Connection Club is about understanding a likely fit by providing a worthwhile insight into the character of the company and member.

Designed by HR Professionals

Designed by HR Professionals

Our simple stepped process designed by senior HR professionals allows you to show yourself. You are able to provide real insight into your skills, experience, management approach and knowledge.

We're here for over 45's

We're here for over 45's

Permanent or interim - all sectors, industries and roles are well represented.

Let Companies Find You

Let Companies Find You

Registered companies can directly formulate their view of your suitability and fit in their business. If they want to talk to you they simply request your hidden personal details and supplementary information and then contact you directly

Sit back, relax and let employers find you
from just £5

Need More Convincing


Our subscription model is designed to encourage you to fully engage with your process and proven method of representing you.

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The site timeframes keep the client base relevant and therefore recruiter's active on it.

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Meaningful Profiles

The profiles offer a very full and frank view of all candidates in a uniform and comparable way. All within the subscription cost.

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Investing in your future

The time and money investment of subscription plays well with recruiting companies. It shows a commitment and investment in oneself.

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Commitment to Excellence

The club will remain focused on our mission of putting quality candidates directly in front of quality businesses. We commit to keeping the site clear and focussed.

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Consistently Promoting to Businesses

This site is about creating a club committed to increasing career opportunities by delivering new recruiting businesses across a wide range of industries as often as possible. It is a club with a clear purpose, transparent costing and a genuine role within recruiting.

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