Fact we found that people reported being the target of ageism more than any other form of prejudice be it based on gender, disability, sexuality, ethnicity or religion.Age Concern

Asked how serious age discrimination is in this country, 43% of people thought it was fairly or very serious. This is backed up by real life experiences of discriminatory rules and practices. Age Concern

Ageism is the most prevalent form of discrimination in the UK, estimated to cost the economy £31 billion per year.Citizens Advice

Evidence heard by the committee was that age bias and illegal discrimination is a significant problem in the UK, but particularly when it comes to recruitment.The Equalities Committee

common was to see job adverts with words like 'energy', 'enthusiasm' or 'dynamic', meaning that older people's CVs 'just get sifted out'.The Equalities Committee

one quarter of women, and 1 in 6 men who reach State Pension age have not worked since they were 55. DWP web site

almost half (47%) of all unemployed people between 50 and 64 have been out of work for a year or more. DWP Web site

1 in 4 men and 1 in 3 women reaching state pension age have not worked for 5 years or more.

The Secretary of State for works and pensions.

Surveys also show what employers believe about older workers

  1. They can't learn new things
  2. They are less productive
  3. They take more time off sick
  4. They will retire and leave the organisation
  5. They are 'overqualified' (and this is bad)

All have been debunked; (http://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/news/five-stereotypes-about-older-workers-debunked/)






The common process and documents for recruitment are completely biased and flawed, allowing easy ageism to thrive.

For example, the common challenge to reduce years of experience and knowledge into a 3 page C.V is clearly nonsense and discriminates against those of a certain worldliness.

Head-hunters and recruitment companies prefer their candidate list to reflect current and important titles. So if you are out of work for a period of time and your title has lapsed then you are of little interest. No good having been the manager of whatever, 10 months ago, their interest is in a candidate list of current managers, or the person who was that only weeks ago. After that you do not make a list sexy. Also once you of a certain age your unlikely to move more than once so you're not going to be an ongoing revenue stream for recruiters.....

The second reality is, the use of key word search and junior person syphoning absolutely discriminates as it cannot recognise broader experience.

Real Facts

The talents of over 50s who want to work are being wasted because of age discrimination and bias, according to the findings of an inquiry conducted by the Women and Equalities Committee (the Committee). A number of reforms to employment law have been suggested by the Committee to help reduce the problem.

The evidence heard by the committee was that age bias and illegal discrimination is a significant problem in the UK, but particularly when it comes to recruitment. The Committee said that, although blame cannot be laid solely at their feet, the failure of those in the recruitment industry to take "robust action" impacts upon on older people's ability to find work.

The Committee heard evidence of some rogue employers specifying that candidates should be "young". But what was more common was to see job adverts with words like "energy", "enthusiasm" or "dynamic", meaning that older people's CVs "just get sifted out".






















Despite a lot of noise and plenty of legislation little enforcement exists. They know ageism is rife but compared to other discrimination apply little or no effort.

Here's a good example of Government attitude to ageism.

Recently in the press a new business was announced with full government endorsement. Graduates were to be trained in 3 months to become police detectives. By graduates they meant young people recently or about to graduate. Imaging the outrage had they said it was for Chinese people, women or Sikhs! Not for people of a certain age, way you go no problem.

You can have all the legislation and indignation you want but unless you impose the law nothing changes.






'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different result.' Albert Einstein

Make no mistake if you are over 40 you are and will be discriminated against. Your experience and knowledge is discounted in so many ways.

  • Society does it
  • The recruitment process does it
  • The Government allows it
  • The facts disprove discrimatory beliefs but nothing changes.

The Connection Club is designed and dedicated to leading the fight back. It cannot address all the issues but it does defiantly tackle many.

  1. It's not C.V based. It's much more personal and feeds into your knowledge and experience. Commercial and personal. It allows you to show at an early stage, who you are. So many business leader commentaries say be yourself. Nonsense you can only do this if you get through an antiseptic selection process. TCC allows individuality to shine through at all stages.
  2. We show you how, but you are able to represent yourself on video immediately on the site.

  3. Not only does this debunk the techno phobe idea but enables you to demonstrate immediately your vitality and rejection of the "old" tag.
  4. You are immediately able to show your full self not some diluted version that fits an inadequate biased screening system.

In truth there is not better or cost effective vehicle to present you to companies who by virtue of their registration demonstrate that they value your knowledge, experience, commercial acumen and positive approach.

Are you mad, do you think continuing along the same trajectory is going to make something different happen. You have read the facts. You are discriminated against in so many ways in the recruitment and societal process.

Time to do something different.

Join The Connection Club and fight the prejudices that hold your continued career back.