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Opportunities are there to help yourself, but no one can make you take them!

We explain and incentivize but ultimately you must believe joining has a benefit.

The facts are out there but you must acknowledge the problem before you adopt the cure.


Despite the economy becoming increasingly reliant on more mature workers, it is apparent that many older people who want to work do not have equal access to employment. The government's Fuller Working Lives strategy, which was published last year, acknowledges that "there are almost one million individuals aged 50-64 who are not in employment but state they are willing to or would like to work". These people are often referred to as the 'missing million'.

We recommend that the Commission develop a clear plan to tackle age discrimination in employment. This plan should include: a) Action to tackle discrimination in recruitment and the recruitment industry, using the evidence of age discrimination in job advertising that it holds as a result of its enforcement work in this area to identify the sectors with the worst record;

Equality & Human Right Commissions


Almost half of workers believe their age would hold them back when applying for a job - and nearly one in seven think they have been turned down for work due to their age. The study also found that nearly one in five workers (18 per cent) have hidden, or considered hiding, their age when applying for a job since they turned 50.

While 40 per cent of employees over the age of 50 were aware of their employer having a policy on age discrimination, nearly half (47 per cent) said it made no difference.

Independent research

Paul Owen, Director of Operations at The Age Diversity Forum, says the age agenda is "the biggest area of bias receiving the lowest level of attention".


1000'S are registered with The Connection Club. All committed and prepared to consider that current processes might discriminate and they are not going to allow that. Seems to us that these are precisely the businesses most likely to employ you!

Joining The Connection Club

Government, your peer group, independent studies, 1000s of companies, could of course all be wrong.

However even on the off chance they're right do you not think a £5 investment and some of your time is not worth considering, incase, just in case they do have a point.

So if you think there is not an issue fair enough.

If you think £5 is too big a risk to invest in improving your employment opportunities fair enough.

If you think all the evidence is wrong, fair enough.

If you think all the companies who have registered to try a new way to attract more mature candidates, are wrong fair enough.

If having studied the issue and spent significant sums developing this unique bespoke service and club we are wrong fair enough.

We wish you all good luck with your search, we genuinely do as you may just need it!

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