Why not give us a try for your hiring needs

Why not give us a try for your hiring needs-image


There is no good commercial reason not to - after all it's FREE.

At this point no doubt you are highly sceptical, let’s put some meat on the bones;

  • It's completely free to register and use for all size of organisation
  • It offers the same service levels for all businesses
  • It therefore requires no reallocation of resource, funds or immediate removal of current processes and relationships
  • It recognises that the key to good appointments is the cultural fit
  • It's like a dating site for careers
  • Its Job seekers are committed and have invested in their future by signing up. The candidate base is high quality and growing significantly
  • It is in tune with the trend towards in-house recruitment
  • It is Social Media based therefore modern and responsive
  • It challenges the use of the resume which offers no personality insight into the candidate

In other words it is a free alternative to whatever recruitment process a company currently uses except it immediately offers much better insight into the candidate. At the risk of labouring the point, no one has a radical or challenging decision to make to switch to it, or at the very least register to have a look around to see if it has a place in your hiring process. It is genuinely free to register and use, and we are not going to suddenly hit you with upgrade options in order to access meaningful information.

The whole point is that it’s the candidates that pay to use the system, therefore ensuring a selection of higher calibre of candidates that have paid to ensure they are in front of the right companies.

So the challenge this leaves you and your department or business is, can you find the reason that stops you giving it a go?

So, why not spend a few minutes investigating a service that could materially benefit your company or department for ZERO COST?