Ageism and Careers

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Ageism and Careers is the current system discriminating against you?

If any of this sounds like you then read on:

  • Are you 40+ and seeking a new job or complete career change?
  • You know you have a lot to offer potential employers with your experience or specific skills.
  • Do you feel or are you worried about being discriminated against due to your age?
  • Are you frustrated with the traditional recruitment process, perhaps feeling it does not allow you to get your message across effectively to employers?
  • It's like a dating site for careers

If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place, as the simple fact is people in the older age bracket are discriminated against all the time and often overlooked in favour of their younger counterparts.

It could be argued that in many respects society is becoming more tolerant today, however ageism is becoming an increasing problem. In fact 1 in 4 people over 50 who are out of work but seeking it never work again before official retirement age. That's up to 15 years with little or no income. With people being forced to retire later in life, this simply does not work.

In addition, career and job seekers over 50 take on average 3 years to find another suitable / similar role, compared with those under 30 where it is 4 months.

Despite legislation and government noise, which unfortunately is rarely enforced, when you consider these facts, it's hard to deny that discrimination exists.

Unfortunately compounding this issue is an inadequate traditional recruitment model, with short simple CV's and selection via simple keyword matching etc... How can you possibly get across 20-40 years or career experience into a two page CV? How can companies possibly assess your vast experience via a simple keyword search?

What's the answer?

We've painted a pretty negative picture (backed up by real statistics) and you're no doubt wondering what is the answer? How do you overcome these challenges? Certainly not by continuing to do the same things and trying to fit into a system that by design is discriminating against you.

The good news is that we have a very different take on this and have developed a unique model designed to tackle this.

We're a unique employment site aimed at over 40's

We understand that at 40+ many individuals still have so much to offer prospective employers, we are passionate about helping over 40's find fulfilling careers, whether it's a continuation of a lifelong career, or perhaps re-skilling and changing career to follow a lifelong dream.

The unique site and process helps over 40's present themselves to potentially employers using video (We know video might sound daunting, don't worry we will help) and personal profiles, rather than an inadequate CV. Current recruitment methods, based on simple search filtering and condensed CV's do not allow candidates to effectively present themselves to employers, our system goes so much further.

In additional we strive to educate employers, informing them about the benefits of employing individuals who are in the 40+ bracket, changing these incorrect misconceptions. These are just some of the key benefits as we see things:

  • Experience: It's hard for anyone to argue the benefit of experience, both life and workplace experience, creating a much greater pool of knowledge for a business to draw on.
  • Technology: It's often perceived that older individuals are not as tech savvy, whilst this can sometimes be the case, it's also important to remember that as our population continues to age, those entering into the older bracket have also been around technology all their lives and may have a better balance and more mature approach to the use of technology in the workplace.
  • Loyalty: Many suggest that older employees are likely to be more loyal and less likely to move from job to job.
  • Productivity: It can also be argued that older employees are more productive individual./li>

Further reading Getting older shouldn't mean you have to stop work, or that you have nothing to offer modern employers. We work with employers who are increasingly valuing the skills and experience of over 40's.

'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different result.' Albert Einstein

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